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No one knew Clark Kent
was a hero either.

Managing information technology can be a thankless job.
You may not hear how great you’re doing when everything’s working. Essextec can help you remain the hero of your organization.

You didn’t make it to the C-level without bringing your A-game.

As a company officer, you're responsible for making some tough choices.So we thought we’d give you an easy one: Partner with us. Today, more than ever, your company’s data is critical to growing business and keeping your competitive edge. Our unique approach ensures your technology will support company strategies and enable you to manage and protect your information so you can grow your bottom line.

Taking control of your information starts with collaboration.

We know today’s increasingly complex data and technologies are a daily challenge. That’s why our team focuses on understanding your business goals — so we can help simplify your life. With our custom solutions, your team can access, analyze and leverage data the way you need it, so you can improve business performance.

No one knew Clark Kent
was a hero either.

Dynamic Infrastructure

Prepare for constantly changing business demands with an infrastructure solution that keeps your systems flexible, available and secure.

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Data Management/Analytics

Store, access and secure your critical data -- and stand out from the competition with relevant business insights.

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Business Risk Services

Give your leadership team peace of mind with custom solutions that manage your company’s risk, resiliency, and reputation.

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Digital Engagement

Drive customer loyalty, satisfaction and revenues with a solid digital engagement strategy.

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our proven process starts with you.

It’s called EXCEED and it’s all about collaborating with you to evaluate your business and technology needs. Our certified technology experts and consultants then engineer and effectively implement custom solutions to help drive your company to success. Learn more
Cognitive Computing

One of only a handful of IBM Watson Ecosystem Talent Partners

Delivering cognitive solutions, including first-time strategies, implementations, and integrations.



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Innovation Center

Test and Validate

Our state-of-the-art facility allows you to test and validate solutions in a real-world environment.

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The Latest

Essextec Acquires Gemini Systems

Leading Industry Solution Providers Join Forces to Deliver Innovative End-to-End Business Information and Security Solutions.

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