3C Innovation: Cloud

Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Helping clients develop smarter hybrid cloud applications

Today, almost every enterprise cloud solution is a hybrid of on premise, hosted, SaaS, third party, and public clouds often from multiple cloud providers. Essextec is well versed in hybrid cloud technology and partners with major cloud providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM, Google, and Microsoft. We specialize in building and managing hybrid cloud IaaS solutions for Software Defined Networks, storage, and data centers, partnering with AWS, Cisco, IBM and VMware. Beyond these infrastructure solutions, the Essextec professional services team helps clients create innovative hybrid cloud applications that maximize the benefits of SaaS and PaaS. Our expertise includes hyper-converged systems from Cisco, serverless architecture from AWS, Azure Identity Management, and Watson API from IBM Cloud.

As the enterprise hybrid cloud expands and spans more domains and networks, cybersecurity becomes a fundamental layer to protect critical data at rest and in motion. Many of these new cloud offerings, including business and IT management solutions, will also leverage cognitive, machine learning, and predictive analytic capabilities.

Our cloud experts can help you identify potential threats to your enterprise and provide options to address them.

For all or any of these requirements, Essextec 3C consultants stand ready to support your mission. Contact Essextec today.

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