3C Innovation: Cognitive

Award-Winning Cognitive Solutions Leader

Uniquely innovative solutions that solve previously unsolvable problems

Essextec, an awarding winning and leading cognitive solution provider, leverages IBM Watson as well as AWS machine learning to create uniquely innovative solutions that solve previously unsolvable problems.

All applications can benefit from cognitive capability

As Frank Chen, the a16z Deal and Research team head of Andreessen Horowitz states, “All the serious applications from here on out need to have deep learning and AI inside. It’s just going to be a fundamental technique that we expect to see in all serious applications moving forward.” Cognitive capability can augment or supplant algorithms to make better software products from self-piloting cars, network firewalls, electric grids, medical diagnostics, ERP software, to customer service applications.
These cognitive solutions often live on hybrid clouds that integrate with enterprise systems. In today’s climate, these systems also require a cybersecurity solution. Our cybersecurity experts help our clients identify potential threats to their enterprises and provide options to address them.

For all or any of these requirements, Essextec 3C consultants stand ready to support your mission. Contact Essextec today.

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