3C Innovation: Cybersecurity

Manage Risk while Meeting Mandates

Cybersecurity, a fundamental layer for your entire enterprise

It is universally understood and accepted, cybersecurity is a fundamental layer for all applications and IT infrastructure. It must become a core competency of any enterprise technology platform that includes identity and access management. Cybersecurity solutions also help protect data at rest and in flight.

Businesses of all sizes need to think about security

Essextec has developed a set of packaged cybersecurity offerings designed to take your business to the next level of security. Keeping in mind your budget, we’ve combined insight from our experts with easy to use technologies in our offerings.

Essextec cybersecurity experts provide managed security services, GRC, security planning and strategy, social engineering exposure services, penetration testing, and more. Our team can assess exposure to attacks and help identify and address any vulnerabilities. We bridge the gap between risk and compliance and work with our clients to help protect their infrastructure, processes, and data – many of which reside in the hybrid cloud. Our security experts utilize predictive analytics and cognitive capabilities in order to fully combat the most insidious attack vectors.

For all or any of these requirements, Essextec 3C consultants stand ready to support your mission. Contact Essextec today.

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