Demos/Innovation Center

Essextec IT Demonstration Center

To fully adopt a solution into your environment, you need to know if it’s going to work —and how. That’s why we’ve invested in our on-site Innovation Center. It’s designed to let you see your solutions in action for proof of concept, demonstration, and training purposes. It’s conveniently located on-site at our New Jersey Headquarters.


Put your ideas to the test.

We’re committed to finding verified solutions for your business. To that end, we’ve invested in our on-site Innovation Center. This lets you see your solutions in action — testing, improving and validating them so you have confidence in your decision before your solution is implemented. Some solutions can even be tested virtually.

The ability to make live evaluations in our own facility, combined with the tens of thousands of hours our seasoned technical experts spend in customer environments, are what set us apart.

Our Innovation Center is always active with concept proofing, product testing, demonstrations, education and design consultation. You’re welcome to visit us any time. Call 1-888-519-1518 to schedule an appointment or send us a request for more information.