Profile: Tristan Boutros Structures Change at ASCAP

Profile Magazine: Editor’s Pick Article
Tristan Boutros Structures Change at ASCAP

Essextec was elated with the opportunity to be a part of Profile Magazine’s Editor’s Pick to help showcase Tristan Boutros, CTO at ASCAP, who is leading the charge on ASCAP’s technology modernization with his vision for the future.

Excerpt: Jim Torney, CEO of Essextec, has seen the partnerships that Boutros cultivates to further ASCAP’s evolution. “It’s an absolute pleasure working with a leader who understands the value of true partnership to drive towards his vision for the future,” Torney says. “By instilling trust and accountability, Tristan seamlessly motivates for the greater success.”

READ THE FULL ARTICLE to learn more about Tristan Boutros’ affinity for innovation and his strategies for managing evolution.

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Tristan Boutros Structures Change at ASCAP