Analytics Tools

Your data has important things to tell you

Are you listening?

Data analytics can help you evaluate historical trends, predict what’s ahead, and make smarter, faster business decisions (not to mention giving you a 10:1 return on your investment). So why are so many companies still making decisions based on “gut” feelings gleaned from a disparate collection of loosely related spreadsheets?

Essextec can help you outperform your competition by harnessing your enterprise data and extracting business intelligence from all of the data that is constantly coming in from new sources. You’ll be able to turn your information into actionable insights and improve business outcomes.

Analytics uses your critical data as a catalyst for improved business strategy and performance. We’ll help you evaluate historical information and predict what’s ahead. With techniques like scenario planning and predictive modeling, you can empower your people with relevant information. All of which means gaining a broader perspective for faster, better business decisions.

Start listening to your data today. Request an Analytics Strategy Session, and our certified experts will meet with you to identify your business needs and objectives. We’ll then recommend an implementation roadmap and provide you with a plan that will leverage your data for improved operations, productivity, and efficiency.

Prepare to transform your information into actionable insights

Your organization deals with staggering amounts of information every day. To thrive, you need structured data that allows you to uncover relevant insights, align resources and strategy, and maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your entire organization.

Our team of experts will work with you to identify your challenges so we can help you prepare to use your data to achieve better business outcomes. We’ll help you determine how best to address a variety of critical factors, including:

  • Data quality and data integration
  • Data growth, variety, and storage
  • Secure metadata management
  • Business intelligence and data visualization
  • Data movement and distributed access

We’ll identify opportunities and efficiencies for deriving actionable insights with the adoption of analytics, which will also help with business problems, show stoppers, and new opportunities. We’ll also establish criteria and key performance indicators for a continuous big data, data analytics, and business intelligence maturity assessment.

Implement the right analytic solutions and techniques

Data analytics – including data mining, predictive modeling, “what if” simulations, statistics, and text analytics – give you stronger insights into your business that can drive better decision-making. These tools can give unprecedented insights into your operations and the factors that affect you, from your supply chain to your customer base, to your competitors, and much more.

With predictive analytics, you can identify meaningful patterns and correlations in data – including social media, customer comments, opinions, and transactions – to anticipate changing conditions and assess the attractiveness of various courses of action. By using historical data to create models that show the likelihood of specific outcomes, you can see what a situation will look like in the future if current data trends continue, and test the impact of different actions and decisions.

When executed properly, analytics can transform your entire business. Ultimately, this will help you to:

  • Move from insight to action more quickly
  • Gain confidence in your business decisions at every level
  • Find new insights in previously uncharted territory
  • Secure new sources of competitive advantage
  • Attract new customers while increasing customer loyalty
  • Prepare for probable future conditions and outcomes

Pairing big data platforms and data analytics allows you to use advanced analytic techniques for larger, diverse datasets, including text analytics, machine learning, predictive analytics, data mining, statistics and natural language processing. This allows you to make better, faster business decisions because you are able to analyze huge, previously untapped data sources to gain new insights, and new sources of advantage.