Enterprise Content Management

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Enterprise content management solutions help organizations manage digitized content across multiple platforms, databases, and applications, resulting in more productive collaboration, improved customer service, and easier regulatory compliance.

With integrated digital imaging, digital asset management, web content management, and content integration capabilities, the advantages of such a solution are clear:

  • Improve access – Capture and manage content, providing access on any device at any time.
  • Activate and integrate – Incorporate content into case management processes to enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and improve customer responsiveness.
  • Manage appropriately – Analyze information and apply lifecycle policy consistently across your organization to lower cost and risk.

thumbnail2_ecmebookCOMPLIMENTARY EBOOK DOWNLOAD. Controlling content chaos can significantly improve your analytics strategy by gaining insight and business value from dark or unstructured data sources. In this eBook, learn how cognitive and cloud based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) can help you protect your content while gaining a competitive advantage from it as you grow.

Make actionable – Leverage analytics to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

Essextec can design and deploy an enterprise content management solution that brings the power of analytics, process optimization, and collaboration to all forms of content to help you achieve greater degrees of efficiency, insight, and customer engagement.

IBM Case Study

Learn how IBM Enterprise Content Management Solutions can benefit you.

A cancer treatment and research center sought a more effective way to work with patient information, helping doctors deliver prompt diagnosis and treatment, and accelerate the progress of vital research work, potentially allowing scientists to make breakthroughs and identify new treatments.

The institution decided to go digital and worked to transform its paper based records into a rich store of electronic patient data. Using IBM FileNet Content Manager and IBM Content Navigator software, it was able to provide teams with instant, anytime access to information.

Read the case study to learn more.

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