eDiscovery Data Management Solutions

Use eDiscovery to gain intelligent acquisition, retention, and access to your business records so you can feel confident that all of your documents will be well organized and easily accessible.

Failing to properly manage your critical data and allow timely access to relevant documents can have severe consequences on your business, especially in the case of litigation. Aside from litigation and information governance, using eDiscovery can help unify your assets, ensuring the correct information policies are in place for effective data lifecycle management. Through the use of content indexing, data mining, classification, and development of retention policies, Essextec will allow you to access all of your pertinent documents and transactions by subject matter, if and when you need them. Now that’s peace of mind.

If litigation is involved, our Digital Forensics Services bring critical knowledge to investigations and allow you to reduce the burden, cost, and risk associated with future eDiscovery needs.