Data Archiving

Data Archiving Solutions

Data is everywhere. It’s flowing from emails, texts, IMs, mobile platforms, ERP, CRM, and countless other transactions. Perhaps it’s not information that you use every day, but it’s information you can’t afford to lose. Essextec can help you capture and retain this business-critical information.

As a leader in the design and deployment of enterprise solutions, we can help you archive your inactive data while making the most of existing investments, reducing infrastructure complexity, and segregating data. By archiving inactive data, we’ll help you:

  • Lower costs
  • Reduce risk
  • Increase performance and improve productivity
  • Increase storage availability
  • Optimize your storage environment

Tiered storage solutions will help assign categories of data to the most cost-effective storage media. You’ll get a customized solution, based on your required level of protection, frequency of use, and performance needs. This will enable you to retain business-critical information and ensure that the most frequently used data is available quickly, while less critical data is stored more economically.