Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

IBM Cloud

Provides a unified global IaaS cloud environment that supports intensive applications.

Traditional IT environments are hindered by rising costs, lack of flexibility, and escalating performance demands. IBM Cloud provides a cost-effective, agile alternative with scalable, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), featuring multiple customization options to help you drive new services to market more quickly. Take advantage of an IT environment designed to deliver performance, flexibility, and control to host your services or move your workloads to cloud.

Build With Performance, Control, and Speed

IBM Cloud provides a unified global IaaS cloud environment for clients who need to develop and run intensive applications that can support innovation and more rapid time to market. Combining virtual public cloud instances, bare metal servers, turnkey private clouds, and a broad range of storage, network, and security devices and services – all connected via a global private network with a single control-and-command portal and a powerful API – this solution can provide a high performance infrastructure designed for flexibility. Unlike competitors that offer limited options, IBM Cloud provides the ability to choose a cloud environment and location that is designed to suit individual business needs, along with visibility and transparency to where data resides and strong control of data security and placement.