Hosting Services

The choice is yours: managed, private, or co-location hosting.

Nothing is truly one-size-fits-all, so we’ll help you choose a hosting package that fits your business perfectly.


Multiple hosting options provide the flexibility to ensure that your unique business requirements can be satisfied. Whether your business needs fully managed hardware/software with either dedicated or shared equipment, Essextec offers safe and secure facilities, where you can co-locate your own equipment or have us provide the required infrastructure. Our experts will give you the confidence that you have the best solution, and the right delivery model.

Managed Hosting

You can select physical or virtual servers with a variety of available operating systems, using leading industry technology.

Private Hosting

You’ll be empowered with hardware and software dedicated for your use, providing you the option to self-manage or use our Managed Services.

Co-Location Hosting

You’ll have dedicated or shared infrastructure with access to the power, racks, and multiple-service provider options required for peace of mind and excellent utility.

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