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The choice is yours: managed, private, or co-location hosting.

Nothing is truly one-size-fits-all, so we’ll help you choose a hosting package that fits your business perfectly.

Application Hosting

Cloud technology provides a new level of flexibility in application and data delivery. Provisioning applications and services from a Cloud can give you the operational benefits, without the capital expenses, of maintaining on-premises environments.

Today, everything is on demand, from increasing amounts of content to new and innovative business service offerings. With the right delivery model, your IT team can keep up with—or even set—the pace and help your business thrive, gaining the ability to:

  • Deliver consist service across all types of devices
  • Ensure access to the most current versions of applications
  • Support a self-serve procurement model
  • Enable scalable and rapid deployment
  • Shift IT spending from capital to operating expenses

Maintain employee productivity with highly reliable and continuous access to email.

Whether your users are accessing email through a desktop or through a wireless device, Cloud-based email hosting can help you avoid downtime and losses due to a disruption or disaster.

Planned and unplanned email outages are unavoidable. But when they happen, the right email hosting option can give you the confidence that your lines of communication and your historical emails are protected. Such a choice can save your organization from serious damage to its productivity, profitability, and reputation.

Our email hosting solutions can help to ease the burden of a disruption or disaster. They can also help easily capture, store, and find vital historical data. We’ll make sure you have options to suit both your unique environment and your budget requirements.

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