Recovery Automation

IBM Cloud Resiliency Orchestration

Increase workflow automation, reduce risk and costs, improve confidence in your disaster recovery program

Essextec understands many organizations are facing significant challenges managing disaster recovery strategies and plans in hybrid cloud environments. IBM Cloud Resiliency Orchestration offers disaster recovery monitoring, reporting, testing, and workflow automation capabilities for complex hybrid cloud environments. This scalable solution is built on industry standards and combines automation and analytics for faster, more cost effective disaster recovery. These capabilities can help your enterprise proactively avoid costly disruptions.


If your organization struggles with any of the following, this service can help you address your requirements:

  • Need to prevent needless outages caused by configuration or release integration, hand off errors, and people or process issues
  • Difficult to manage disaster recovery issues for hybrid IT environments in house
  • Have an expectation to maintain 99.99 percent systems availability and always on operations

IBM Cloud Resiliency Orchestration can simplify your disaster recovery automation process. Using real-time readiness validation, it can reduce disaster recovery exercise times and failover by up to 80 percent, resulting in a more cost effective disaster recovery experience that’s smarter and more tailored and agile. The offering can provide:

  • Speed
  • Scale
  • Simplicity
  • High value
  • Reliability

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