DevSecOps and Amazon Web Services

Achieve Enterprise Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

Build, secure, deliver, and improve products faster using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Essextec DevSecOps and Application Services

Companies looking for continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD) will benefit from using a DevOps model that releases new features faster and manages infrastructure resources more efficiently than companies using traditional IT and software development methods.

Using a DevOps model with on-premises servers usually requires manual processes that are time consuming. AWS DevOps tools help deliver applications rapidly and reliably, enabling you to better respond to your customers’ needs. This allows your engineering teams to spend more time working directly to benefit the top line, such as delivering great products and customer experiences.

Essextec DevSecOps

Essextec, an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner, takes these principles one step further to DevSecOps (Development, Security, Operations). We introduce security early in the DevOps workflow, rather than tack it on at the end. Our developers possess the critical skills of integrating DevSecOps with CI/CD to streamline the delivery of your custom applications.

We have found that inserting security in the DevOps workflow as a required step before any deployment allows our clients to ensure their applications comply with corporate security policies, remediate known vulnerabilities, and institute security best practices.

The ability to securely deploy new releases to capture rapidly changing markets and consumer requirements is one of the most critical competitive advantages any organization will need in this connected world.

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