Hybrid Cloud Solutions

The Case for Hybrid Cloud

In today’s IT landscape, cloud usage and adoption has passed a level of critical mass. Yet, many organizations struggle to properly embark on an appropriate hybrid cloud journey. Essextec solutions can provide the foundation for a new hybrid cloud enabled IT.

Sign up today for an Essextec Hybrid Cloud Technology Briefing where we’ll review the following and more:

  • Cloud Economics
  • Next Gen Security
  • DevOps and DevSecOps
  • Next Gen Data Center
  • Applying Cognitive Computing
  • Mobile Applications & Extranets
  • Leveraging containers to manage your applications

IBM Cloud is designed for your data, AI ready, and secure

  • IBM Cloud offers the widest array of database options, from relational to NoSQL, while ensuring strong consistency, high integrity, and no delay
  • IBM Cloud powers AI-intensive workloads that demand data integrity, low-latency and parallel processing and offers a broad range of Watson AI and machine learning APIs to build your own applications
  • IBM Cloud secures the movement of data on a network of networks and meets data sovereignty and compliance regulations with nearly 60 locally owned and operated data centers in 19 countries—more than any other cloud provider.

Where are you in your Hybrid Cloud Journey?