Workload Automation (SaaS)

IBM Workload Automation

Organizations that appreciate the importance of workload automation are seeking to exploit the product to its full potential. When done properly, workload automation provides more than just operational efficiency, it enables clients to gain control of complexity, reduces application management costs, lowers resource costs, and delivers insight to the business, providing a basis to make intelligent decisions.

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Four main goals are prerequisite to exploit the tremendous potential of workload automation.

As the first goal, you need to accomplish automation through a single console, rather than a fragmented, siloed approach. Only with a centralized control you can get an end-to-end picture and understand how well your workflows are supporting your business goals.

Secondly, you need to expand the benefit of automation as the application landscape expands. When new applications enter the business, you need them to be deployed as part of the assembly line as soon as possible, in order to take advantage of new processes in a managed approach. Integration is key, both to centralize the government of activities underlying a business process and to simplify the whole service management without switching context.

As another goal, it is important to reduce the human intervention required to control and respect Operating Level Agreements (OLAs) to a minimum level. OLAs represent the IT targets underpinning the delivery of business Service Level Agreements (SLAs). As an example, OLA may be represented by the batch window deadline. It must be met to allow – for example – banks to open in time (SLA).

Finally, you need to provide workload automation services and dashboards to new business users, empowered by the explosion of mobile, to access their organization websites, and applications, so that they can have a view of their services and perform basic tasks on their own. IBM solutions are uniquely positioned to accomplish those goals.

IBM Workload Automation (SaaS) Offering
IBM Workload Automation also provides a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) offering. This delivery model offers automation capability to manage distributed systems and applications on a consumption based pricing model. Because the server is hosted by IBM Cloud, the largest cloud computing infrastructure provider, IBM Workload Automation SaaS guarantees security, privacy, and reliability. The SaaS offering allows you saving all infrastructural effort needed for installation, deployment, upgrade, and backup management.1


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