Digital Engagement

Stronger Connections Lead to Better Business

Choose a partner who can help you manage the entire experience

Online, social, and ­mobile technologies create new opportunities for organizations to engage with each of their many audiences – customers,­­ prospects, employees, and partners. Digital engagement simply provides an opportunity to handle these digital interactions more effectively, with tailored messaging and relevant information delivered to nearly any device, at any place, at any time.

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By leveraging the right digital engagement solutions, you can create new opportunities to connect and interact, and enjoy the many advantages that come from these new experiences:

  • Better Customer Relations – Drive customer loyalty, satisfaction, and revenues with the dynamic delivery of relevant content and rich media through multiple channels.
  • Better Employee Performance – Improve efficiencies, teamwork, and innovation with employee-focused tools that integrate collaboration solutions, social business, and mobile technologies into their work-lives.
  • Better System Integration – Link portals and mobile apps into back-office applications, cloud-based services, and social sites, helping you to aggregate disparate systems into a seamless, cohesive experience.

If you want to fully leverage digital engagement, the experts at Essextec can help put in place the right strategy, deploy the necessary solutions to bring that strategy to life, and then monitor and refine your approach to keep up with ever-changing demands. We understand that digital experiences are real experiences, and we know how to make them as positive – and profitable – as possible.

Essextec’s Digital Engagement expertise includes:

  • Social Collaboration – Using social workflows to improve organization collaboration and performance.
  • Digital Experience – Enriching customer engagement via eCommerce, web development, and other digital solutions.
  • Mobile Solutions – Maximizing the impact and influence of mobile devices and applications.
  • PureApp Proficiency – Allowing you to deploy social solutions through cloud-based services.

How does your current solution stack up?

With the widespread use of online, social, and mobile technologies, it is likely your company is already participating in many channels of digital engagement. To ensure optimal effectiveness, there are questions you want to ask about your current solutions:

  • Can you quickly develop and deploy engaging digital experiences?
  • Is it easy to manage content, find information, and conduct business?
  • Are your users delighted – or even satisfied – with their digital experiences?
  • Do these experiences extend across channels and devices, reaching people where they want to be reached?
  • Do they carry the appropriate level of security to protect from threats and minimize risk?