The Power to Connect Anywhere

The right partner can help you make the most of mobile, driving improved security and enhanced communications

Mobile has become an integral part of our daily lives. Rarely are we without our smart phones or tablets. Not surprisingly, mobile has also become a critical tool for businesses, from improving employee productivity to enhancing the customer experience.

To get the most out of this reality, you need to treat mobile as a strategic business initiative, and integrate mobile solutions into your overall understanding of business requirements and desired outcomes. When designing and executing a mobile strategy, there are three essential areas of focus:

  • How do you intend to maximize the role mobile plays in your Digital Engagement strategy?
  • How will you implement and maintain the Dynamic Infrastructure required to manage mobile solutions?
  • How will you address the new Business Risk and security issues that arise in a mobile environment?

Let the Essextec team help you put yourself where their customers are – on their smartphones and on their tablets – to effectively engage with them.

Improve experiences. Improve effectiveness.

Mobile can impact how you engage with all your key audiences – customers, employees, and partners. For each, mobile gives you the opportunity to create new experiences by changing the way information is organized, distributed, and consumed. The result? New efficiencies, new reach, new levels of personalization, and new and better ways of doing business.

To make the most of these new opportunities, mobile needs to be a part of an overall Digital Engagement strategy, and not just an independent initiative. Likewise, your Digital Engagement strategy needs to be an ongoing, iterative process, and not just a one-off project.

Essextec can help you design and deploy solutions that will allow you to securely and effectively manage the entire experience, and leverage analytics to maximize all touch points with finely tailored communications. Then you can extend that experience through mobile to reach your audiences – with responsive apps, beacon-based alerts, and targeted messaging – in the most immediate, intimate, and flexible way possible.

The technology behind the mobile experience

It’s one thing to say you want to do mobile. Making it happen is quite another. Without the right partner (and the right tools), managing the mobile experience can be extremely difficult – you have to deal with apps, devices, network connections, updates & patches, and security, to name a few.

Essextec has extensive experience designing and deploying tools and solutions to help you address these many mobile-related infrastructure issues:

  • Application development, testing, and deployment
  • Device & endpoint management (including BYOD)
  • Security / encryption, bandwidth, and network management
  • Cloud integration

This is an ongoing effort – technology demands are ever changing, and you need to be sure your systems keeps pace with new business requirements, which include integrating mobile efforts into overall infrastructure solutions. And who better to help than the technology and business professionals at Essextec?

Managing risk, resiliency, and reputation

While there is a great deal of promise in these new mobile opportunities, they can also increase your exposure to new threats and business risks. You need to protect data and make sure your customers feel secure, even as you are extending that data out across many more devices and applications.

Essextec’s Business Risk Services team can work with you to:

  • Identify your overall risk posture to maximize information access while minimizing risk.
  • Conduct a mobile-threat analysis to evaluate your use of mobile devices, identify the risks you may encounter, and determine the controls you should leverage to ensure mobile and device security.
  • Implement policies and oversight to monitor use, protect against data loss, and manage other risks caused by device theft, unauthorized access, malware, spyware, and inappropriate apps.
  • We can reduce complexity with a single service for deploying and managing security across a broad range of platforms, including mobile and end-point management.

We understand mobile solutions and how they fit into your overall business requirements and risk posture, because at the end of the day, risk is an overall business issue – not just a mobile issue. Essextec has an entire team dedicated to ensuring the resiliency and reputation of our clients, including mobile security services.