Social Collaboration

Unleash the Power of your People

Integrating social business and collaboration in the workplace

Social business is more than a catch phrase – it’s a technology investment that can drive real value, and the experts at Essextec can help show you how.

A properly designed and executed digital engagement strategy can yield significant internal gains:

  • Integrating social media processes (profiles, status updates, commenting, sharing, chats) with business tools (calendars, messaging, emails, task lists) streamlines workflows while enhancing employee interactions and efficiency.
  • Helping users locate and access critical information and expert resources – via optimized search and collaborative social environments – improves engagement and innovation.
  • Implementing collaborative environments allows you to reduce time spent in meetings, while extending the reach and frequency of cooperative activities.

Move beyond the tools you’re familiar with today. Instead, let Essextec help you leverage social business technologies to unlock the potential of your people and drive true competitive advantage.

Use social workflows to improve organizational performance

Social business networks offer an intimate and immediate means for employees to collaborate and communicate.  Ultimately, this leads to decisive action on important content and events, all in the appropriate context. For larger enterprises, social collaboration tools can quickly obsolete traditional means of interaction. Your teams can work in a world without boundaries – with anyone, anytime, or anywhere (even offline). You’re free to bring together the exact expertise needed, regardless of location, and provide the tools these experts need to work closely and effectively.

Perhaps most importantly, an active social business network provides unprecedented access to your company’s collective intelligence. Information is shared freely through common social processes – profiles, communities, status updates, and commenting.

It all adds up to a more tightly integrated workforce that is fully engaged and empowered to move faster AND smarter.

Enhance productivity and reduce costs

Social collaboration tools enable organizations to squeeze traditional costs out of their budgets by giving employees new and more cost-effective ways to work. Potential areas for improvement abound:

  • Single points of cloud-based storage eliminate the need for email strings with huge attachments, reducing storage requirements while improving content quality and version control
  • Combining file sharing and e-signature capabilities drives down printing and paper costs, and improves time-to-close and record-keeping activities.
  • The ability to instantaneously communicate – via chat rooms, community posts, and integrated online meetings – allows companies to reduce phone and travel costs.

All these gains can be derived from a unified social platform that keeps individuals connected with a common set of secure tools that are useable from any mobile device. When integrated with email, calendars, and other traditional productivity software, this familiar environment turns into an easy-to-use digital experience that drives faster task execution and better business processes. Layer in sophisticated analytic capabilities, and you have the power to transform the very way you do business.

Liberate key organizational content

Organizations are filled with intelligence and experience, but getting that content to the right people at the right time is often a haphazard process that relies on informal networks of personal connections. We can help you take advantage of social business tools to formalize and streamline this process:

  • Embedded social content management allows users to collaborate with community members and cooperatively develop and share important information. And they can act on this content with real-time, in-context views of critical business activity.
  • Business professionals can quickly identify and build networks of subject matter experts, helping them to tap in to the detailed knowledge they need to drive true innovation. Smart analytic tools can even make recommendations to help you discover who and what you need to know.
  • You can even expand collaboration beyond your organizational boundaries to include customers, partners, and vendors, using a security-rich platform.

Gain deeper insights via social analytics

It’s not about the amount of data you have. It’s about understanding that data in new ways. This is particularly true when it comes to the huge amounts of data generated by social media. Social data analytics and semantic enrichment can help you get your arms around the rapidly changing arena of social media, allowing you to discover new insights embedded within the data.

When looking at social data analytics solutions, there are a number of factors that need to be addressed:

  • Deep Data Analysis – Social data analysis is more sophisticated, taking into consideration more factors (context, content, sentiment) to provide more insight.
  • Real-time Insights – Social networking offers very tight windows of opportunity. Being able to quickly execute and analyze the data is an imperative.
  • Influence Analysis – In social networks, the impact of specific individuals can’t be underestimated. It is not just about quantity. It’s also very much about quality.
  • Network Analysis – Social data is often viral data. It spreads, grows, and evolves. Understanding how data is propagated throughout the network can help you better manage your message.

Significant business value can be created by social analytics. The Essextec team can help you design and implement a solution that will unlock that value for your organization.