Bridge the gap between risk and compliance

The pressure to comply with constantly changing regulatory, third-party, and internal guidelines can be overwhelming. As regulations and technologies change, new risks are introduced. Being unprepared to manage those risks and meet mandates can lead to economic consequences and legal liabilities. Both can contribute to a significant financial impact and damage to your reputation, which could prove even more painful. You may be exposed to threats you’re not yet familiar with that could be putting your company’s reputation at risk—and even jeopardizing its future.

Essextec offers Social Engineering Exposure Services

Find out how vulnerable your organization is to attempts by unauthorized individuals who are trying to access sensitive information from your end users. Click here for details and to schedule your appointment.

Our certified, experienced experts collaborate with you to ensure that you fully understand your risk posture. We then apply a holistic, integrated approach to architect and implement a plan to mitigate those risks, meet compliance mandates, and minimize your exposure. We can assist your organization to increase awareness of the vast regulatory environment revolving around due care and due diligence. With proprietary tools and an inclusive approach, we are able to identify core risks and design and implement systems and protocols that ensure the highest standards of governance and compliance to meet today’s strict regulatory requirements.

Our extensive knowledge and technical expertise allow us to add value by aligning with your corporate and organizational vision to enhance market offerings and secure your technology investments. Our industry-leading solutions are created through collaboration with global authorities in the field, to provide a special focus on industries most susceptible to risk.

IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson Services Offering

Engage the deep expertise of Essextec cybersecurity and the powerful cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson. This offering provides customized services that bring value to a wide variety of QRadar environments. Whether you are overwhelmed with offenses or have not found time to integrate the right Log Sources, we can help you adopt this cognitive security platform.

QRadar Advisor with Watson uses AI to accelerate incident analysis, reduce complexity with intelligent investigation, and ultimately enables a faster response to threats. Contact us today to get started!

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