Digital Forensics

Organizations of all sizes struggle to keep up with rapidly changing compliance regulations and rising litigation demands. On top of that, many companies use traditional processes and tools that limit their ability to get information quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Not only do you need to have confidence that your electronic documents can be found quickly, you also need to ensure that you have the appropriate level of transparency required for litigation. Our certified computer forensics professionals can work independently or as an extension of your legal team for eDiscovery needs, providing the technical ability to quickly investigate, identify, and collect information from your computer systems.

Whether your investigation needs come from an internal audit, a cyber attack, a sensitive data breach, or a legal investigation, our experienced team and industry-leading software partners will help you rapidly find key evidence, assess your position, and monitor costs. You’ll have the tools to manage data intelligently and efficiently throughout its lifecycle, with the ability to retain, store, classify, and access information according to its business, compliance, or evidentiary value.

With unwavering integrity, we support businesses of all sizes across all industries, including the Department of Defense and companies on the Fortune 500 list. Our Digital Forensics services include capabilities in eDiscovery and expert witness and litigation support, allowing our team to help you reduce the risk and costs associated with potentially damaging litigation.