IT Security Software Solutions

IT Security is Now a Boardroom Discussion

In today’s information driven economy, security intelligence, prevention, detection, and remediation must become part of an organization’s IT fabric. Does your organization have its protective strategies defined?

Network / Infrastructure Security

Gain real time protection from emerging threats.

Take advantage of integrated visibility, security, and control for next generation network protection.

Security threats today are continually evolving. With the rapid growth of new web applications and increased file sharing, activities that may have been considered harmless in the past could become potential openings for attackers. Customary security methods, such as firewalls and anti-malware software, have become easier to sidestep.

The need for more advanced, proactive threat protection is critical – protection that can ensure productivity, data security, and compliance. Network security and protection solutions provide comprehensive security against new and emerging threats through web application protection, the ability to detect embedded shell code threats, and many other advanced features.

Critical insight and visibility

We can also provide our clients with critical insight and visibility into network activity – what applications are being used, what files are being shared, and what video and audio streams are being accessed. These types of activities can open the door for attacks, leading to potential data loss as well as compliance concerns.

Take back control over network activity

We can help you set up specific network controls based on acquired insights. Establish control functionality that will help you reduce exposure to threats – for example – controls over comment delivery methods such as social media sites to prevent phishing attacks, social engineering exposure, and other threats targeting users and employees.

Our network and infrastructure security solutions:

  • Deliver superior zero day threat protection and security intelligence
  • Provide critical insight and visibility into network activity, including encrypted traffic
  • Enable granular control of both web and non web applications by users and groups
  • Reduce cost and complexity through consolidation thereby reducing bandwidth consumption

Data Protection Solutions

The amount of available data is growing exponentially. Is your data secure?

The vast quantity, variety, and velocity of data means that old methods of governing data might not make sense anymore. Protect the integrity at the core of the data center.

Organizations need to automate information integration and governance at the point of data creation and within big data applications. Effective information integration and governance can help protect information and improve the accuracy of big data insights. Data security requires the monitoring, auditing, and protection of enterprise data to help ensure compliance. Data breaches, ransomware attacks, and failed audits can result in financial penalties – in the millions of dollars – and even possible jail time. Organizations need to safeguard diverse data types such as structured and unstructured, online and offline – and do so across complex systems including cloud and big data environments.

The following help provide an in-depth approach to avoiding security incidents and help organizations be more prepared for disasters:

  • Data discovery and classification
  • Data redaction, data encryption
  • Static and dynamic data masking
  • Data activity monitoring
  • Vulnerability assessments

How do Essextec solutions address our clients’ data protection needs?

We offer a comprehensive approach including security awareness training to protecting data across a range of threats such as: insider fraud, unauthorized changes, and external attacks – all while automating compliance. These solutions help organizations proactively identify unauthorized or suspicious activities by continuously tracking database actions, they facilitate data governance by preventing unauthorized changes to critical database values or structures, and manage up to four billion data objects in a single backup server.