Business Continuity and Resiliency

It’s not just about having a disaster recovery plan or keeping your business running when catastrophe strikes; it’s about building a resilient enterprise.


Business continuity is critical to the ongoing operation and success of your company. You need to be prepared and agile so you can respond if and when unplanned events occur. But to really avoid risks that could take your business offline for days, you need an actionable business continuity plan that can improve your resiliency.

Our Business Continuity and Resiliency Services can help you maintain near-continuous business operations and assist in managing regulatory compliance, improved systems availability, data protection, and the integration of IT operational risk management strategies. Our services take you from analysis, planning, and design through implementation and management.

We are committed to making sure you have the insights needed to make your business resilient and safeguard the interests of your customers, employees, management, stockholders, and anyone else who has a stake in your success. We’ll provide full transparency to your range of options, from local backup and recovery to replicating data virtually. The bottom line: We can help ensure your business never skips a beat, even in the face of disaster.

Business Continuity Impact Study

Unplanned disruptions to your business can be crippling. In order to counter the risk of financial loss, customer dissatisfaction, and regulatory compliance issues, you need to develop a comprehensive business continuity and resiliency plan. To start, you’ll need to fully understand your critical business processes and the recovery time your business units require. Our Business Impact Analysis (BIA) will identify risk factors and assist you in prioritizing the recovery of your systems and associated business processes. We’ll also compare the cost to mitigate your identified risks against what you stand to lose if you don’t resolve these business gaps. The BIA, including gap analysis, will assess current backup systems, compare your operations against industry best practices, and provide you with customized recommendations to improve your operations.

A gap analysis will help us provide you with a comprehensive view of your organization’s existing business continuity and resiliency (BCR) processes. Analysis includes:

  • Advising on the ability of your organization to restore critical business functions in time-priority sequence
  • Assessing internal and external communications process and activities
  • Assessing personnel and functions to properly manage BCR programs
  • Constructing a process for collecting, analyzing, and prioritizing data for the BIA
  • Determining the ability of your organization to rely on current documentation in the event of an emergency
  • Reviewing existing BCR documentation and frameworks
  • Reviewing frequency of updates to the BCR process
  • Understanding your emergency response processes and how they were created
  • Updating the governance used to support your current BCR efforts

The information gleaned from our analysis will help you lay the foundation to accurately define your resilience requirements, including your recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO). With our Business Continuity Impact Study , we can design, architect, and implement the right risk mitigation plan and provide you with the rationale to support ongoing investments in business-resilience solutions.