Managed Services

In order to relieve the burden of information security and compliance and meet your strategic goals, you need to enhance your existing security program, infrastructure, and personnel. Our flexible Managed Security Services provide protection across your networks and safeguard your critical internal assets, sensitive data, customers, remote users, and the integrity of your physical perimeter.

Managed Security Services

Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Monitoring and Management
Threat Intelligence

With Essextec, we’ll ensure you meet your required or recommended compliance and information security posture. We provide leading industry tools and technologies to improve your security posture. We’ll provide your organization with infrastructure and technical support to secure your information assets 24/7/365, to enable you to mitigate risk, lower your total cost of ownership for the monitoring and management of your security operations, and protect your company’s reputation.

We don’t provide a one size fits all security solution. Our team of managed security specialists will design and implement custom, scalable security solutions unique to your environment, regardless of your company size. We are focused on identifying vulnerabilities, assessing and improving administrative and technical controls, and mitigating risk so you can protect your organization and its critical assets.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Protect your Firewall, Network, Servers
Your firewall is an essential part of your IT security, but it can’t distinguish between a customer and a criminal. In order to get a handle on constantly emerging threats, you need rapid intrusion detection that will help to identify true threats and act quickly to protect assets.

Our Managed Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services (IDS/IPS) provide comprehensive protection for your network and servers, helping to block threats and unauthorized access from both internal and external sources. IDS/IPS give you a highly effective layer of security that is designed to protect your critical assets from cyber threats. Our team of cybersecurity experts
will also ensure that all devices are well tuned and up to date, minimizing false positives and reducing your costs.

Managed Intrusion Detection and Prevention helps you:

  • Develop and manage risk and security policies
  • Gain complete visibility into security activity on your network
  • Identify and respond to threats faster
  • Provide on-demand security and compliance reporting
  • Retain control of your network

Essextec can supplement your current security efforts and personnel with 24/7/365 Managed Security Services.

Monitoring and Management

Firewall Management
As a key component of your secure network, firewalls must be configured and managed with the training and skill necessary to protect your critical information assets. This management requires a high level of expertise and resources to prevent unauthorized access to data and to avoid a costly breach.

Our Firewall Management Services monitors your firewall infrastructure is monitored 24/7/365 to detect and respond to threats before they become a problem. We design firewall, IPS, IDS, and UTM management tools to reduce the operational overhead costs associated with the day-to-day management of core security technologies. Our service offerings combine management, monitoring, and maintenance across a variety of leading technologies and service levels, ensuring your security posture is in good standing.

Vulnerability Management
The intense pace of upgrades, and increasingly complex technology for new applications and patches create new vulnerabilities every day. These vulnerabilities can be exploited by attackers to create a security breach. You will need to eliminate exposure so you can protect your critical assets and safeguard your sensitive business information.

Our Vulnerability Management Services combine managed scanning services with expert workflow and case management to protect your network infrastructure from intrusions that could potentially damage your business—and your reputation. Our experts focus on discovering your vulnerabilities, prioritization, remediation, dynamic protection, verification, and customizable reporting. We can help you demonstrate compliance with federal, state, and industry regulations, as well as reduce risk and enhance your overall security posture.

Threat Intelligence

Our threat intelligence solutions allow you to integrate security information into your organization so that you can manage threats and keep your business, data, applications, and infrastructure secure. We can address your individual needs as they relate to threat intelligence to provide the solutions that best match your business goals.

The demands for real time security and compliance insight are continually growing. Existing approaches can’t keep up as business evolves and threats increase.
Organizations need new solutions that integrate security information about people, data, applications, and infrastructure. Essextec has the security and risk knowledge as well as the technology and infrastructure expertise to help deliver these solutions to any company, regardless of size.

Our security intelligence offerings provide unified visibility and insight across security and compliance risks – people, data, applications, and infrastructure. We provide organizations with an integrated suite of solutions built on next generation security information and event management (SIEM) and log management. These solutions can serve as an organization’s security and compliance dashboard while detecting threats others miss.