Managed Security Services

Secure Your Infrastructure, Reduce Your Risk, Improve Your Resiliency, And Protect Your Company’s Reputation

Managed Security Services can help ensure the resiliency of your enterprise data and systems and reduce your risk from external threats, protecting your company, your customers, and your good name.

Security Incident & Event Management

As data continues to grow and more and more devices are connected to your company’s infrastructure/network, there is increased opportunity for generating security events. To make sure you’re prepared if you experience a security incident, you need the ability to capture information that is critical to protecting your business. You also need to enable security log monitoring so you can effectively identify and mitigate potential risks.

The amount of data generated by security devices and systems can be vast. As a result, many organizations struggle to analyze this information, demonstrate compliance to regulatory requirements, ensure protection of intellectual property and privacy information, and effectively manage security operations.

Our Security Incident and Event Management Services (SIEM) enable your company to gather security data from many divergent information systems. We’ll help you compile event and log files from all of your security technologies, network applications, and operating systems into one seamless platform. Along with Security Event Log Management (SELM), this allows for automated analysis of IDS/IPS (intrusion detection/intrusion prevention services) data and correlation analysis among multiple input sources, as well as robust query and research capabilities for a variety of disparate log types.

Find out how Essextec can supplement your current security efforts and personnel with 24/7/365 Managed Security Services.