Technical Controls

Our cybersecurity specialists can address your individual needs to provide the solutions that best match your business goals.

Technical Controls

Data / Application Security
Incident Response
Mobility / Endpoint Protection
SIEM / Perimeter

Security threats are rapidly evolving, becoming more sophisticated, data continues to explode, and end points more difficult to secure. Organizations need to keep pace with the threats and the technologies available to combat these concerns.

Breaches can have far reaching and devastating effects on businesses, including negatively impacting:

  • Business results
  • Brand image and reputation
  • Supply chain
  • Legal exposure
  • Audit / compliance risk

Having a comprehensive view of your security posture is just the beginning – you’ll also need to have the tools and solutions in place to stay on top of security intelligence, prevent breaches, protect your people, data, applications, infrastructure, and reputation. Essextec has a team of industry recognized risk experts who can help you develop and execute your protective security strategy.

Data and Application Security

Business runs on software. To protect your business, your software must be secure. Application security is the foundation of your security strategy.
The ever changing number of online security and privacy breaches presents a serious challenge for clients. Exposure of corporate, customer, business partner, and financial data can have an adverse effect on an organization’s identity, customer, or business partner relations and business results. Web applications, in particular, appeal to computer hackers because they are often the gateway to vast amounts of confidential information such as customer files and credit card information.

Application security solutions can help your organization:

  • Assess software code, web, and mobile applications for vulnerabilities
  • Proactively find and remediate vulnerabilities
  • Block attacks in real time
  • Develop and deploy security rich web and mobile applications
  • Ensure comprehensive, multi-layered, and scalable application security protection throughout the entire development lifecycle
  • Automate the correlation of static and dynamic analysis results
  • Leverage a single console for managing application testing, reporting, and policies
  • Reduce business risk by providing visibility into issues that impact security best practices and regulatory compliance
  • Lower costs associated with manual testing through intelligent, automated scanning

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Data Protection Solutions

The vast quantity, variety, and velocity of data means that old methods of governing data might not make sense anymore.

Organizations need to safeguard diverse data types such as structured and unstructured, online and offline – and do so across complex systems including cloud and big data environments. We provide effective information integration and governance services to help protect your information and improve the accuracy of big data insights.
We offer a comprehensive approach to protecting data across a range of threats, including insider fraud, unauthorized changes and external attacks – all while automating compliance. Our solutions help organizations proactively identify unauthorized or suspicious activities by continuously tracking database actions and facilitate data governance by preventing unauthorized changes to critical database values or structures.

Incident Response

IBM Resilient specializes in incident response, helping IT security teams bolster their defenses against data breaches. The IBM Resilient Incident Response Platform (IRP) integrates with existing security systems to create a single hub for incident response, transforming your organization’s security posture.

Benefits include:

  • Aligns people, process, and technology across the organization to maximize available resources
  • Enables security teams to automate and orchestrate their IR processes, in order to keep up with the number of alerts
  • Ensures IR processes are consistent, intelligent, and configured to teams’ specific needs
  • Reduces uncertainty of privacy response management with access to the world’s largest knowledge base of global data breach notification regulatory requirements

Mobility and Endpoint Protection

If you’re like most businesses, you’re trying to figure out how to handle security around the growing diversity of mobile devices and applications. You know you need to monitor use and protect against data loss and other risks caused by device theft, unauthorized access, malware, spyware, and inappropriate apps. But how?

Our Managed Mobile Security Services and BYOD security offerings not only help you manage the security of your devices, but we’ll also help you save money by enabling your employees to be productive using personal devices for secure access of corporate resources.
First, we’ll conduct a mobile-threat analysis to evaluate your use of mobile devices, identify the risks you may encounter, and determine the controls you need to establish. Services also include monitoring, policy recommendations, and security management. We can reduce complexity with a single service for deploying and managing security across a broad range of platforms.

SIEM / Perimeter

The amount of data generated by security devices and systems can be vast. As a result, many organizations struggle to analyze this information, demonstrate compliance to regulatory requirements, ensure protection of intellectual property and privacy information, and effectively manage security operations.

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Our Security Incident and Event Management Services (SIEM) enable your company to gather security data from many divergent information systems. We’ll help you compile event and log files from all of your security technologies, network applications, and operating systems into one seamless platform. Along with Security Event Log Management (SELM), this allows for automated analysis of IDS/IPS (intrusion detection/intrusion prevention services) data and correlation analysis among multiple input sources, as well as robust query and research capabilities for a variety of disparate log types.