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IT Security is Now a Boardroom Discussion

In today’s information driven economy, security intelligence, prevention, detection and remediation must become part of an organization’s IT fabric. Does your organization have its protective strategies defined?

Our cybersecurity specialists can address your individual needs to provide the solutions that best match your business goals.


Security threats are rapidly evolving, becoming more sophisticated, data continues to explode and end points more difficult to secure. Organizations need to keep pace with the threats and the technologies available to combat these concerns. Breaches can have far reaching and devastating effects on businesses, including negatively impacting:

Having a comprehensive view of your security posture is just the beginning – you also need to have the tools and solutions in place to stay on top of security intelligence, prevent breaches, protect your people, data, applications, infrastructure, and reputation. Essextec has a team of industry recognized risk experts who can help you develop and execute your protective security strategy. The time to act is now. Get a free risk analysis and find out where your vulnerabilities may be.