PureApp takes infrastructure to the next level

Leveraging cloud-based solutions to improve reach and responsiveness

With the right solution architecture, companies can adopt social business in the cloud, on premises, or anything in between. IBM PureApp is just such a platform – one that allows organizations to deploy social business solutions on their own terms, so they can realize the benefits of on-premise and cloud-based solutions in a flexible and secure environment.

Many businesses opt for cloud-only models, which easily integrate with existing on-premises systems already in place. The result is far less IT effort and infrastructure cost, as well as faster ramp-up times, than they’d get with a pure on-premises deployment. The cloud offers an entire infrastructure, so organizations don’t have to separately install and configure each type of software needed for the application.

There are many elements that make the cloud a smarter business decision:

  • Availability – It’s there when you need it, on-demand
  • Speed – It’s as fast as the network you’re using to access it
  • Scale – You get as much, or as little, as you need
  • Value – You only pay for what you use

Implementing Digital Experience with PureApp

The IBM PureApplication system is ideal for implementing digital experience in the cloud. This platform is designed specifically for transactional web and database applications. Flexible and workload-aware, it is easy to deploy, manage, and secure. Whether you plan on operating in an on-premise or cloud environment, this solution can provide you with exceptional business value.

One key factor is that PureApp has been built to provision application patterns quickly and efficiently. As a result, you can use the Digital Experience or WebSphere Portal pattern and have a cloud-based system in minutes. It is amazingly efficient, and can deliver huge savings in time and budgets as you implement and update different environments. You can also add incremental memory and processing power, ensuring your systems will always perform as needed.

To learn more about how the PureApp system can work for you and your business, contact the experts at Essextec today.