Cisco Business Solutions

Cisco Business Solutions

Innovative and integrated solutions providing choice and flexibility

We understand that you rely on an expanding set of applications to compete in today’s rapidly evolving business environment and that you are also creating, collecting, and repurposing large, unstructured data sets. The promise of better and faster data driven decision-making based on all this information is pushing big data and analytics technology to the top of many CIO’s agendas. To succeed, CIOs must place a laserlike investment focus on data center solutions that allow them to deliver scalable, reliable, and flexible infrastructure for fast-growing big data and analytics environments.

Essextec provides cloud managed Cisco Meraki switches, wireless devices, and security.  As a Cisco Premier Partner, Essextec has the solutions, training, tools, and support to help address your unique data center and virtualization requirements. Contact us today to speak to one of our Cisco Certified Solution Architects.

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, Five Reasons Why your Data Center is Everywhere, which focuses on why data centers have become more complex and why a next generation data center infrastructure is crucial to keeping your competitive edge.

Building a Data Center Infrastructure to Support Your Big Data Plans
Cisco’s data center solutions help provide a predictable, flexible, and open infrastructure on which you can build a broad portfolio of big data and analytics solutions while minimizing capital and operating costs.

To get the full benefit of your big data efforts, you need to integrate the array of technologies into your existing data center environment. As well, you need to deploy solutions that optimize the performance of software tools across the range of big data and analytics use cases while also building tighter links with existing data center infrastructure. Clearly, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in terms of either software or hardware, but common strategies for connectivity and asset management are critical.

Contact us today to speak to one of our Cisco Certified Solution Architects.