Easy. Efficient. Versatile.

Based on Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure & IBM Storage Systems

In today’s hypercompetitive economy, your organization needs to deliver instant access to information, applications, and services or risk falling behind. If you use a traditional data center design with static resources, your IT infrastructure and staff likely can’t respond in time. Why? Because traditional siloed environments are inefficient. Staffing and budget constraints further complicate the issue, hindering you from expanding the environment to handle increases in capacity and more types and instances of application workloads.

VersaStack brings new levels of ease, efficiency, and versatility to cloud, big data, and enterprise application deployments. See the Solution Brief.


  • Deploy infrastructure that brings together technologies from industry-leading companies
  • Simplify your physical, virtual, and private cloud deployments with a versatile, integrated system based on Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure and IBM storage systems
  • Take the guesswork out of creating shared infrastructure with a tested, validated, and documented solution
  • Scale up or out depending on the needs of your business, applications, workloads, and users
  • Store up to five times more data in the same footprint with data virtualization and real time compression capabilities
  • Keep your business running on IT infrastructure with built in redundancy and no single point of failure

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