Managed High Availability/Recovery

Business Continuity and Resiliency

It’s not just about having a disaster recovery plan or keeping your business running when catastrophe strikes; it’s about building a resilient enterprise.

High Availability/Disaster Recovery

When you have an unplanned disruption, don’t just guess how long it will take to get back to business-as-usual.

Users want their systems to be ready to serve them at all times. Inconvenient or excessive downtime can hurt your company. Having continuous access to your systems is so important that many businesses require 99.999% (the “five 9s”) uptime each year.

We have years of experience designing and deploying integrated solutions that maximize continuous availability. Our team can ensure that you are prepared with flexible and agile recovery solutions to handle those planned and unplanned outages.

We understand the need to align these solutions to your business objectives. With many components in your network topology, our solutions span across all potential areas of concern, including:

  • Data center
  • Redundant connectivity
  • Storage and servers
  • Virtualized servers and storage
  • Backup and recovery; power solutions
  • Failover

Our partnership with technology industry leaders ensures that you have the best solutions to help you maximize your High Availability and Disaster Recovery capabilities and achieve your business goals.

Recovery Solutions

You need a reliable recovery solution that helps you act quickly to minimize exposure during planned or unplanned downtime. Not only do you need to ensure that your key business data is safeguarded, it’s vital to maintain productivity and limit the financial losses that can result from an outage.

Reduce costs and complexities with flexible recovery solutions

Our holistic approach to disaster recovery lets you restore power, technology, and connectivity to quickly resume business operations after a disruption. We’ll help classify your critical business information and provide high-quality, online backup services and data center management to help reduce loss of crucial enterprise data. This all happens securely, regardless of delivery platform—on-site, remote, cloud, or hybrid.

With comprehensive and flexible recovery options, you can maintain availability, effectively respond to disruptions, mitigate risk, and maximize your overall IT disaster recovery solutions. Whether you need a solution to manage in-house, support through managed services, or complete outsourcing solutions, we provide:

Hotsite Recovery to match your computing environment

  • Server hardware
  • Storage hardware
  • Complete networks
  • Tier One provider for hardened and resilient facility

Rapid Recovery Replication Solutions

  • Speeds process resumption
  • Provides mirrored data/real-time data
  • Offers dedicated infrastructure
  • Accommodates failover processing
  • Supports restored storage capacity and capabilities on-demand
  • Provides duplicate infrastructure

Email Recovery

  • Reduces or eliminate email downtime
  • Captures, stores, locates, and manages email storage
  • Lets you communicate with employees during a crisis, helping to preserve company spirit and speed recovery
  • Reclaims lost messages

Virtual Server Recovery

  • Supports virtual, physical, or hybrid environments
  • Provides server failover and faster recovery (minutes or hours, as needed)
  • Reduces data loss
  • Improves reliability with remote server recovery flexibility
  • Allows for predictable costs, with subscription-based pricing models

Managed Continuity/Data Center Services

  • Eliminates capital expense to set up and run data center
  • Provides highly secure and redundant infrastructure
  • Incorporates infrastructure management process control
  • Manages IT expense with ongoing operations support
  • Maximizes project management
  • Improves energy efficiency

Cloud Content Management

  • Enables rich indexing and searchable content archives
  • Improves access to records for eDiscovery
  • Delivers as an enterprise-level managed service
  • Utilizes a pay-per-use business model

Work Seat Recovery

  • Supports workplace continuity and personnel resources
  • Allows virtual work from anywhere services
  • Powers mobile work area recovery
  • Enables mobile branch bank

All seats are configured for full functionality, including:

  • Technology—PCs, printers, faxes, and other devices
  • PC workstation image build
  • Virtual work from anywhere services
  • Interactive information and employee status service
  • Conference bridge
  • Network connectivity