Converged Systems

IBM Systems from Essextec

Reduce Costs, Save Time, and Speed Innovation

Change your IT lifecycle. Combine servers, storage, and network applications and reduce your footprint, complexity, and cost while speeding deployment with Unified Platforms.


As data grows more and more complex, you need a simpler approach to managing information technology. A converged system consolidates diverse servers, storage, and network applications, to help automate and transform your IT environment.

Our holistic approach to unifying your systems will help to reduce your information silos, conserve valuable resources, reduce costs, and lower risk through improved security. Your team can then dedicate more time and energy to improving business practices and services. A single point of management also allows for increased use of business intelligence so you can understand usage trends and insights provided through Business Analytics. All this leads to greater business outcomes for you and your company.

Simplify with Expert Converged Systems

Combing the flexibility of a general purpose system with the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance can transform your IT lifecycle.

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