Power Systems

A new era of computing

Built with Collaborative Innovation, designed for Cognitive Business

The Next Generation of IBM POWER Systems
IBM POWER9 Systems are built to handle the most advanced data applications – and the next gen of cognitive computing. IBM servers and solutions can unleash insight from your data pipeline – from managing mission-critical data, to managing your operational data stores and data lakes, to delivering the best server for AI. POWER9 is supported by IBM AIX, IBM i, and Linux (both running with and without PowerVM).

IBM Enterprise AI

Bring more value to your organization’s data by developing with a new approach to problems: deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Unlock hidden potential and patterns in data organically.

Essextec has a strong and strategic relationship with the IBM Cognitive and POWER teams (we are a recipient of the 2016 IBM Worldwide Watson Innovative Business Partner award). Our clients and prospects visit our NYC location for demos of related cognitive and AI products and solutions used by our large and capable in house AI development team. Our development team assists IBM to deliver AI solutions to the marketplace as well as offers clients and prospects custom Proofs of Concept and demonstrations.

  • IBM PowerAI Vision
    Train highly accurate models to classify images and detect objects in images and videos without deep learning expertise
  • IBM Intelligent Video Analytics
    Helps security and public safety organizations develop comprehensive security, intelligence, and investigative capabilities
  • H2O.ai
    Machine learning and AI capabilities

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IBM POWER8 Systems

IBM Power Systems offer servers built with open technologies and designed for mission-critical applications. Today’s business leaders demand servers designed for big data that are optimized, secure, and adapt to changing workload requirements.

Built to bring insights to the point of impact, these systems are the ideal platform for analytic applications with computing power, memory bandwidth, I/O and smart acceleration. These new systems extend Powers’ heritage of resiliency, availability, and security for big data and analytics and scale to perform in the most demanding data requirements.