Storage and Server Solutions

Storage and server consolidation solutions improve efficiency and reduce costs—so you can do more with less.

You may not be able to control how fast your data is growing, but you can simplify and optimize your storage infrastructure for greater efficiency, faster recovery, and reduced storage costs.

Essextec has a wealth of experience in infrastructure design, virtualization, replication, compression, deduplication, and copy management. Using these technologies, we can help you eliminate up to 90% of redundant data. This reduces the amount of raw storage required; allowing you to condense your storage footprint and reduce costs up to 50%.

All of our solutions are designed for maximum flexibility and responsiveness, allowing you to adapt to evolving business requirements while improving your efficiency and productivity. These solutions include:

Learn more about our server and storage solutions. Whether you need ease of management, scalability, IO performance, integrated data protection, disaster recovery, or a reduction in floor space, contact us to assess your current environment and move toward solutions that allow you to scale for future growth.

See how we’ve helped our clients succeed:

Migration to a state-of-the-art server, storage, and software environment lowers costs and elevates service.

Bridging geographic and organizational divides.