Data Recovery Services

Don’t risk downtime or data loss

Easy-to-manage, scalable, and secure backup and recovery solutions will let you focus on the life-cycle management of your data with confidence.

The explosion of information, complex work environments, distributed work forces, demanding compliance mandates, and the rise of mobile devices constantly challenge you to keep data both available and secure. You can’t risk accidental deletion or corruption, and conventional backup and recovery approaches are simply not robust enough. That’s why Essextec provides effective, yet easy-to-manage, backup and recovery solutions.

With Web applications, snapshots, indexing, deduplication, replication, analytics, and reporting fully integrated into a single platform, our solutions go beyond traditional approaches to provide a modern data protection and management strategy.

Modernizing your backup and recovery allows you to:

  • Reduce investment in data protection up to 50%
  • Increase backup success rates to an average of 95%
  • Eliminate 90% of redundant data at the source
  • Protect virtual machines throughout your enterprise
  • Maximize systems availability
  • Access easy-to-read dashboards for better insights and reporting
  • Achieve seamless and scalable integration into a single console, allowing retention of relevant data and optimal storage

Our Backup and Recovery Assessments can help you uncover opportunities to minimize risk. We can, for example, help you develop a baseline of current backup systems and compare your operations against industry-based practices. We can help you eliminate the need for tape using our expertise in VTL and deduplication technologies. We’ll also help determine the appropriate technology and services to support your backup infrastructure and manage your recovery point and recovery time objectives (RPO/RTO).

And, you’ll have the ability to scale up or scale down, all while lowering your total cost of ownership.

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