Server and Storage Solutions

Server and storage consolidation solutions improve efficiency and reduce costs—so you can do more with less.


Your IT environment could be made up of multiple sets of servers. These sets may be managed by different teams, limiting flexibility and the ability to adhere to compliance regulations. Server provisioning provides you with automated coordination of physical and virtual server environments, providing a single view across your entire IT environment. This allows you to optimize and maximize resources by letting you to see the impact on all of your business practices.

Essextec’s certified technicians will assess your current environment and collaborate with you to develop a provisioning strategy that could result in a reduced storage footprint. Our team will look at: current server environment and systems, software—including operating systems, device drivers, middleware, and applications, associated network and storage resources, and compliance mandates. We’ll design, construct, and implement solutions that align with your business goals and help you:

  • Elevate operational flexibility
  • Allocate and right-size resources to demand
  • Optimize storage utilization and improve performance, efficiency, and productivity
  • Enable business success with the right architecture
  • Reduce footprint and energy consumption