Server and Storage Solutions

Server and storage consolidation solutions improve efficiency and reduce costs—so you can do more with less.


Enterprise IT professionals are constantly faced with how to manage explosive data growth. Not only is it a challenge to find the physical space to store and manage the additional data, operating that space can also be costly and inefficient.

Server and storage consolidation with virtualization will help you optimize your IT resources. Essextec’s customized solutions can reduce the number of servers, storage, desktop, and network devices, allowing you to reduce complexity and energy consumption, save valuable floor space, and simplify management.

By virtualizing your environment, you can minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and increase data security and remote access. Moving to a dynamic infrastructure brings the added benefit of reducing power and cooling costs while improving operations, reliability, and availability.

Let Essextec help you find more time to focus on innovation so you can help your company grow.