Enterprise Application Access for Remote Workers

Avoid Business Disruptions with Enterprise Application Access

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, many organizations have asked significantly more of their workforce to remain at home to work remotely in an effort to prioritize employee health and safety, while maintaining business continuity. Most companies are not prepared for such a sudden increase in remote users, as their traditional VPN solutions were often scoped for a small number of remote workers and not for a large percentage of the global workforce.

Enterprise Application Access helps to avoid business and productivity disruptions in today’s challenging global environment.

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In addition, existing traditional VPN infrastructure is often appliance based, hard to upgrade, and has limited capacity based on original planning assumptions that only a small portion of the workforce will be remote at any point in time. In other words, it is often prohibitively expensive or requires long lead times to scale up access infrastructure quickly for additional remote workers who need access to enterprise applications.

Enterprise Application Access can help. Enterprise Application Access can be deployed immediately and dynamically scales to enable an entire remote workforce to get access to all mission-critical applications.This enables companies to securely provision access for remote workers to the right applications to maintain business continuity while maintaining appropriate security controls.

If your organization is being affected by the effects of the COVID-19 virus, we can work with you to rapidly roll out Enterprise Application Access to hundreds or thousands of users and enable significant volumes of users to work remotely. Today, customers are leaning on EAA to facilitate secure remote application access to support their users.

Enterprise Application Access can become a critical tool for your organization to facilitate a significant increase in sustained remote user sessions from a faraway locations. It offers the advantage of elasticity that is inherent to meet user demand.