Business Continuity & DR: An on-time solution for Hudson Group


With its familiar newsstands and specialty shops, Hudson Group has a widespread, international presence in airports and other transportation facilities. Millions of travelers buy books, magazines, T-shirts and snacks at Hudson Group’s travel retail stores. The company can’t afford to be offline for even a few hours—let alone days. The company had taken a look at their current business continuity system and determined that a new solution was needed. They turned to Essextec for help.


The company used a tape-based solution for recovery and performed a business impact analysis and decided tapes were not the way to go to have their systems up and running quickly. It would take days with tape recovery to get them back up online and working

Hudson Group shared their challenges and learned that Essextec offered business continuity services that could help address these business resiliency needs.


Working with a trusted insightful partner

Essextec’s Business Risk Practice, in partnership with IBM Business Continuity and Resiliency Services (BCRS), enabled quicker recovery from disasters and optimize business continuity through redundancy.

Essextec designed a redundant set of infrastructure to support the customer’s recoverability. They worked with IBM to deliver a managed continuity solution to colocate this fully duplicated, redundant infrastructure to a remote location.

BCRS from IBM and Essextec provides Hudson Group with near-continuous business operations, improves systems availability, and data protection. It integrates information technology and operational risk management strategies seamlessly.


Today, Hudson Group has a complete recovery solution and strategy to protect them from primary data center loss. They have had no extended outages and system management is more efficient, costs are lower, and productivity is up.

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