Cloud platform empowers world-renowned auction house to improve online transactions


Working with leading partners, we enable successful enterprise Cloud Computing adoption.


The client, a world-renowned, fine-arts auction house, conducts online auctions, in addition to housing online catalogs and image galleries for its global customer base.


A company that relies heavily on the speed of the Internet to conduct business, the auction house knew they couldn’t afford to have an underperforming website. International clients wanted to access the site 24/7 and considerable lag time could lessen sales. They needed an affordable solution to effectively bring their infrastructure both up to scale and up to speed.


Through collaborative efforts, Essextec created a delivery platform to maximize the user experience. As a result of decades of experience and our partnerships with leading industry technology vendors, we were able to help this client find the most innovative and appropriate solution for success. In this case, we partnered with Akamai, whose expertise lies in transforming the Internet into a high-performance platform where companies can confidently develop and deploy business-critical applications within a cloud environment. We were able to transform the client’s website to elevate the user experience by increasing scale, reach and performance without adding additional hardware or software.


The fine-arts auction house was able to accelerate delivery of their site offerings and increase online auctions around the world. The solutions implemented by Essextec and Akamai gave the client a more scalable, reliable, and secure Internet platform. This allowed them to give customers a better online experience and more opportunity to focus on growing the business.

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