Healthcare group goes virtual to share better, safer – and save big money.


“When I look for a business partner, I look for someone who goes the extra mile and follows through. Essextec wins every time.” -Anthony Pantane, CIO NRAD


NRAD Medical Associates, P.C. got its start in Long Island, NY in 1927 and they’ve been growing ever since. It could be their fierce commitment to quality patient care in diagnostic radiology and radiation oncology or the fact that they stay on top of the technology that helps them serve patients faster and more efficiently.


Costly connectivity: it hurts when I do this.

NRAD had been looking to plug into the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system of a larger practice to better serve their patients. They contracted with Catholic Health Systems of Long Island (CHS) to leverage their EMR system. The typical method to link into the EMR system at CHS was to create multiple, point-to-point connections from each office to the CHS data center. That would have meant every NRAD office and device with access to the system — as well as peripherals such as printers. Due to the costs involved in upgrading equipment at all 19 locations, this approach was not an option.


Enter Essextec: pioneering a tailored solution.

Virtualization. The technology would enable them to use one connection and one desktop infrastructure so NRAD could connect all of their offices and devices using one central connection to CHS at NRAD’s main office. Essextec orchestrated a solution that linked CHS’ Epic Electronic Medical Records system with VMware Horizon View, addressing not only the linking challenge, but also satisfying all critical functions unique to a healthcare environment.


Faster records. Secure access. Lower costs. Better care.

NRAD estimates a 300% better response using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure vs. the traditional point-to-point connection. Security is also stronger, with a single point of access to CHS.

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