IBM Flash Storage cuts response time in half for global distributor


This global, $20 billion electronic components distributor headquartered in the US, provides products, services, and solutions to industrial and commercial users of electronic components and enterprise computing solutions. With hundreds of locations around the world, the company is a supply channel partner for thousands of original equipment manufacturers, contract manufacturers, and commercial customers.


Like many global organizations, this client was looking for the best possible combination of digital storage. It has a number of applications — from general ledger to order processing to accounts receivable — running on its Oracle ERP and they require the quickest response times possible. When a sizable organization has thousands of transactions every day that each take a fraction of a second, if not processed fast enough, those fractions quickly add up to lost productivity. The previous configuration had required the organization to short-stroke its drives in order to achieve the speeds it needed. That meant using only about 20 percent of the drives in its environment at any given time.


Compact and energy-efficient, IBM Flash can minimize business interruptions without sacrificing performance or usable capacity. It speeds up decision making across multiple applications, including online transactional processing. Plus, Flash storage boosts IT efficiency and raises bandwidth.


IBM Flash storage installed by Essextec cut internal process times from 1.5 millisecond response time down to 400 microseconds. A 1.1 millisecond savings off each process.

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