Insuring an insurance company against disaster


Based in York, Pennsylvania, The Farmers Fire Insurance Company has been helping homeowners, renters, and businesses protect themselves and their property for 160 years. But, there came a time when the company found itself exposed and unprotected from disaster. It was time to get some insurance of its own.


Farmers Fire had a mix of old servers from several different manufacturers and didn’t have any virtualization set up. Each server was dedicated to a specific application and the environment was becoming increasingly vulnerable and hard to manage.


Essextec proposed a solution that would update Farmers Fire’s technology with IBM servers, a small SAN, going from a stand alone environment to a virtual environment, and a backup solution they could count on.

Essextec provided a total solution to upgrade their aging infrastructure with industry leading technology. Specifically, IBM x Series 3650 servers, IBM DS3524 storage, VMware virtualization, and CommVault Simpana software.


Farmers Fire now has a standardized Windows environment that is straightforward to manage and maintain – with room to grow for future workloads and applications that can easily be added through VMware and the new hardware infrastructure. Precisely the peace of mind an insurance company needs.

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