Keeping a global biotech business secure with a tailored SIEM solution


The client is a global leader in the biotherapeutics industry. Although the company had an internal security team working with their IT department, they realized they needed to consider technological innovations to keep security at peak effectiveness. Additionally, the company recognized that it would make more sense for it to bring in an experienced partner to provide quick personnel resources and expertise to get the job done.


The client was looking for an advanced tool that their security team could use to identify threats within the organization’s global business infrastructure—and react to those threats swiftly. They needed a technology solution that could seamlessly bring together all the logs from six worldwide locations, so they could easily analyze and identify threats.


Essextec Cybersecurity Services team put together a solution tailored precisely to their needs. The solution included the IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform, which offers security information and event management (SIEM) and other vital security capabilities in a single architecture.

Along the way, Essextec was able to identify ways to save on software costs for the client.


Today, the company has a complete solution for log monitoring and fine-grained forensics of the traffic within the organization. They have the visibility they need into their worldwide traffic. With IBM Managed Services providing support, the firm’s existing security team is able to handle their workload and delegate certain tasks without substantial new responsibilities.

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