Shoring up weak areas in infrastructure, process and employee behavior for a global distributor


A chemical distributor with 450 locations and 170,000 customers around the globe guarantees 24-hour delivery to its customers, so they require minimal downtime. Essextec had previously provided a disaster recovery solution and the replication software to make that happen.
So when they needed a proactive security assessment, Essextec’s Business Risk Services team was a natural choice due to the existing working relationship and trust that has been built between the two organizations.


The client wanted an independent expert to assess the vulnerability of their infrastructure and let them know where they were most at risk. The company initially asked Essextec to conduct a basic vulnerability test. The client soon realized that they needed a more thorough look at the threats to their security. After Essextec learned some of their pain points, the two groups started talking about broader security solutions.


The Essextec team went to work for this high-stakes client, conducting an exhaustive assessment of their weak areas—from Internet connections to mobile devices. That assessment was designed to cover several areas: External Internet Testing, Internal Testing, Wireless Network Analysis, Mobile Device Analysis, Digital Messaging Analysis, and Social Engineering, culminating in the delivery of an Information Security Risk Report.


The client shored up weak areas in their infrastructure, process, communications, and employee behavior, and ultimately protected their hard-earned reputation. Simply put, the client is more secure. And so is their brand.

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