How Risk Management Consulting Solutions Can Protect Your Business

Are you aware that, according to the FBI, there were over 280,000 cases of reported cyber-crime in 2012? Statistics from a recent study of 2012 cyber-crime by Ponemon Institute puts the average costs of cyber-crime for businesses at $8.6 million annually. Clearly, increasing security is crucial to protecting your business and your clients. Here are the ways in which outsourcing your security to risk management consulting services can help you be better defended against cyber-criminals.

Customized Business Risk Services

Managed security services were once only available to huge companies and governments. For this reason, the service was referred to as enterprise technology services. However, with the rise of mid and small sized companies that are in need of improved technological securities, the service has adapted to meet often varied needs. Now IT professionals are customizing approaches to data management solutions and securities to fit each type and size of company.

Realistic Business Analytics and Business Intelligence

It can often be difficult to see your own vulnerabilities. Pride and the inability to objectively judge for yourself what your weaknesses are will inevitably lead you to being open to an attack from a cyber-criminal. Understanding your technological vulnerabilities is the key to mitigating those risks. By turning to risk management consulting services, you can get a more realistic view of your strengths and areas needing improvement.

After your securities, such as data management solutions, have been evaluated, a plan for defense and management can then be outlined. Governance and Compliance, Managed Security Services, and Business Continuity and Resiliency are all crucial parts of enterprise risk management.

Overall Convenience​

Outsourcing managed security services gives businesses the convenience and freedom to focus on their core activities while simultaneously being protected from threats. Consider, if you are running a company specializing in the production of handmade goods at high volumes, chances are you do not have the expertise to manage your own security. Trying to do so would just result in stress and the neglect of the things you are good at. Let risk management consulting services take some of the weight off.

Business risk services are even more convenient in that they are deliverable in multiple ways. Depending on your preference, you can have professionals deliver solutions on-site, remotely, or through cloud-based software. Whatever your preferred method, risk management consulting services exist that fit your wants and needs.

Whenever the security of companies are compromised, whether they are big or small, consumer confidence winds up shaken. The hacking and theft of 100 million users worth of personal data from Sony by the internet hacking collective Anonymous in 2001 is one of the most famous examples of poor data management and security. The company lost $170 million, according to the Huffington Post, and consumer confidence for years. Do not let your clients or your company be a victim. Seek out effective risk management consulting services immediately.